Tourism Marketing

TimeTour can be integrated easily and cost-neutral into existing tourist offers and represents a simple way to increase the profit margin of providers of guided tours.

TimeTour is available free of charge in the Google and Apple App Store and is therefore available to 99.7 percent of all smartphone users (source: Gartner August 2017).

TimeTour thus offers an enormous potential to increase the attractiveness of tourism offers and to enrich tourism marketing in its entirety.

With 1,583,048 arrivals and 3,358,130 overnight stays in 2018, Innsbruck is the tourist centre of Tyrol (tendency increasing).

An average annual growth rate of more than 16.4 percent over the last five years shows Innsbruck as a boom region for tourism offers such as TimeTour.

The main target group of the app are mid-agers (20 – 49 years). With its entertaining and contemporary presentation, TimeTour also offers the chance to inspire youngsters (up to 19 years of age) for city tours. The average age of Innsbruck guests is 43.7 years in summer and 46.8 years in winter.

On average, 40 percent of visitors describe their holiday as a city holiday. The most popular activities are visiting sights, hiking, visiting natural attractions, Christmas markets in winter.

This corresponds to a market potential of around 630,000 city holidaymakers per year, making TimeTour an attractive offer.

TimeTour brings the past back to life in an impressive way. So far less attractive tourist destinations can be newly staged and commercially developed. The possibility to use this offer offline contributes to this.

By creating new tourist offers with the help of TimeTour, the growing streams of visitors could be better controlled in the future. Visitor groups could be guided specifically to the urban periphery and contribute to a revival of trade and gastronomy there.